April 2023

Poster prize for Miguel at the Dutch Peptide Symposium.


March 2023

Auguri a Damiano Arella!

After his Erasmus stay in our Lab, Damiano successfully defended his thesis at the University of Parma!

Thesis title: Engineering synthetic transcription factors to inhibit the oncoprotein Myc

Jan 2023

Master students learning about Novel Chemical Modalities in Drug Discovery ( ASOs, ADCs, PROTACs, peptides, Display technologies DELs,…). Very fun course 🙂

December 2022

See our comment by Hermen Overkleeft and Sebastian on the click chemistry Nobel price and Bertozzi’s participation in our LED3 seminar series. (

December 2022

Group picture!!! 🙂

November 2023

NWO M1 grant for the pomplunlab! Starting February 2023 we will work on a combinatorial discovery platform for covalent ligands.

November 2023

Miguel defended his Master Thesis entitled “Targeting the “undruggable”: a combinatorial platform for the discovery of covalent peptide inhibitors of protein-protein interactions”, obtaining the final mark of 20/20 at the Instituto Tecnico Lisboa in Biomedical Engineering.

Nice conclusion of his ERASMUS internship in our lab. Big congratulations! And we are looking forward to have Miguel back as a PhD student from February!

October 2023

Our new Master Students Cherina and Benthe started working in the lab. A lot of fun with novel MYC inhibitors and combinatorial synthesis 🙂

Lotte joined for a summer internship. Having fun with both synthetic and recombinant protein preparation.

Check out Sebastian’s perspective on affinity selection methodologies for ultra-rapid drug discovery
(in German ;-))

Sebastian’s ERC-2021-Starting grant SynTra has officially started in June 2022! We very much look forward to creating synthetic transcription factors to tune and control gene expression in disease.

Welcome to 4 Bachelor (BOO) students in our lab!

Benthe, Paula, Samba and Mick will be working on inhibiting the oncogenic transcription factor MYC.

Poster prize for Edith at the LACDR Spring Symposium,
in April 2022.